Crown Financial Ministries (
Do you need help with financial problems, or would you like some good advice about how to handle your finances? Crown's library is full of informative articles that are sure to help you. Each article is bible-based, and common sense oriented.
WMIT 106.9 (
WMIT/106.9FM The Light, was founded by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association to spread the gospel in Western NC and the surrounding states. Your family can hear inspiring music and uplifting preaching/speaking anytime you like. Turn those wasted moments into a time of praise, worship and learning. Listen to WMIT, or visit them online anytime, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
Bible Research (
If you or a family member would like help researching Godís word, or maybe you would like to investigate different translations, concordances, and biblical reference material, but you canít afford to buy them, go to This biblical repository contains hundreds of these materials online, viewable at no cost. Here you will find almost every biblical resource you will ever need to gain a deeper understanding of Godís written word. And itís all free.
Focus on the Family (
From counseling, financial advice, and tips on raising children to health advice and updates on today's controversial court issues, Focus on the Family online has something for everyone in your family.
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